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  • Our Luxigraze Artificial Grass is available to purchase through our extensive network of distributors and stockists. To find your nearest stockist, please contact us.

  • The life expectancy of Luxigraze depends on its usage. If installed and maintained to our recommendations, it is estimated that it will last for up to 15-20 years through normal domestic/garden use.

  • Luxigraze Artificial Grass is manufactured from durable plastic polymers polyethylene and/or polypropylene. These lightweight plastics are extremely resistant to damage, providing Luxigraze Artificial Grasses a UV Guarantee.

  • It is not recommended to lay artificial grass on top of soil or existing grass as this would result in an extremely uneven-looking lawn. The grass will die, and soil can disintegrate over time, leaving your artificial grass with unattractive and dangerous potholes. The best practice is to remove the grass and prepare the surface for installation. Please refer to the Guide to Understanding & Installing Luxigraze for full guidance.

  • As with decking, patios and other landscaping products exposed to direct sunlight, artificial grass can get hot in extreme temperatures. Simply rinse with a garden hose to quickly reduce the surface temperature, if, for example, the children are playing in bare feet.

  • All Luxigraze Artificial Grasses have pre-punched drainage holes. This allows rainwater to drain through, providing the sub-base is free draining. The drainage holes are concealed within the pile height and are not visible when installed.

  • All artificial grasses have a slight pile direction along the length of the roll. This will be noticeable when first unrolled. The artificial grass will look slightly lighter from one direction, and darker from the other. This needs to be taken into consideration when measuring, planning and installing. Where possible, make sure the grass pile is facing towards your home or main viewpoint, to ensure a full and natural look. Artificial grass looks at its best when you are looking into the pile of grass, otherwise, it can appear shiny.

  • It is not recommended to park heavy vehicles on artificial grass, as driving on the fibres is likely to leave impressions, permanently squashing and changing the direction of the pile. Rubber tyres, under the weight of any vehicle, are likely to pull and rip the grass fibres out of the lawn causing damage. We would recommend that artificial grass can be a great complement to a paved driveway.

  • Not all artificial grass can be recycled. Luxigraze 35 Recyclable, however, is an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable artificial grass. Currently, there is nowhere in the UK to recycle artificial grass. Developments are being undertaken and this initiative is expected to be extended to more countries in the coming years. By the time the grass reaches the end of its life span, there should be a recycling facility available in the UK.