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Cleaning Products

To keep your artificial lawn looking fresh, Luxigraze offers 2 artificial grass cleaners, both of which have a freshly cut grass scent! For a thorough, all-over clean, take a look at the Luxigraze Cleanser, and for an ‘on the spot’ trigger spray bottle for quick cleaning, we have the Luxigraze spot cleaner.

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Freshly cut grass fragrance

Two options available

Perfect for keeping your artificer lawn clean and fresh

Luxigraze Cleaning Products


Our Luxigraze cleaners are safe easy to use and come with a freshly cut grass scent, so your artificial grass smells like the real thing!

Our Luxigraze Spot Cleaner is quick and simple to use. Designed with a trigger spray bottle, it is ideal for on-the-spot use and removes dirt, grease, animal droppings, algae and moss.

The Luxigraze Cleanser is a powerful, concentrated grass cleaner. Perfect for overall cleaning, it is designed to suppress bacteria, algae and fungal growth.