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How Do I Choose the Best Luxury Artificial Grass for my Garden?

Knowing where to start when choosing the best luxury artificial grass for your garden can be challenging when there are so many options available on the market.

There are also some important things to consider before investing. And you’ll need to think about what you’ll be using your artificial lawn for.

This guide will tell you which type of grass will suit your needs and what you should be looking for when comparing luxury artificial grasses.

We’ll take a closer look at exactly what goes into producing synthetic grass to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. A decision that will hopefully result in an amazing looking lawn and save you hours of maintenance work.

The critical thing to remember is that you should look at more than just the aesthetics of the grass, as it will be dangerous to choose a product based on this aspect alone.

Of course, your grass must look good, but it also needs to perform well to ensure a long-lasting, lush, luxurious lawn.


This is probably the most important question to ask yourself when choosing the best artificial grass for your garden.

There are so many different types of plastic grass that all have different strengths and weaknesses including polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon (polyamide), each having various strengths and weaknesses.

  • Polyethylene – This is long-lasting and gentle on the skin.
  • Polypropylene –This is long-lasting and resilient but can be slightly harsher.
  • Nylon – This is very robust and often used in products such as golf driving mats in non-domestic spaces due to its high burn tolerance. A more abrasive fibre, but also more expensive.

There are five main types of usage for an artificial lawn:

  1. Show lawn - This is ideal for a low traffic lawn to improve the aesthetics of a garden space while dramatically reducing maintenance.
  2. Family play area - A heavy footfall lawn that will receive a high usage level all year round.
  3. Pet-friendly lawn - A highly trafficked area that can handle pet urine and excrement.
  4. A lawn for entertaining - A lawn to withstand a heavy use area that will handle spillages and stains.
  5. An all-rounder space - A space that will include all of the above.

Each of these types will require different strengths and qualities in an artificial lawn. We would suggest that you consider pile length and density as a deciding factor for usage.


When choosing artificial grass for your garden, you’ll need to start by looking at the range of grasses available from an aesthetic point of view. Have a think about the look you are trying to achieve, and what your grass will be used for. If children and pets will be playing on the grass, you may want to opt for a slightly longer pile height to give a soft, cushioning feel underfoot, however if you are wanting artificial grass purely to improve the appearance of your lawn and cut out some maintenance, you may want to opt for a shorter pile height.


Choosing a pile height is usually a matter of taste. For those who like the look of having freshly cut grass all year round, a pile height between 20 - 30mm is usually a good choice. However If you are wanting to achieve a dense, longer looking lawn that is soft and luscious underfoot, you will need to consider longer pile heights with higher stitch rate options.

Any pile height longer than this there and there is a risk of the grass lying flat, as the longer grass blades will be heavier and it will be more than likely that gravity will pull the fibres down.


It’s also essential to compare the pile density of artificial grass. Typically, the greater the pile density, the lusher the grass will look. Conversely, low pile density grass can look rather sparse and thin.

For a natural looking lawn, regardless of usage, we would recommend choosing a denser pile with at least 17,000 stitches per square metre. Our 30 Premium option is a great choice offering a stitch rate of 18,000 per square metre and is one of our best sellers. For those seeking an even more luxurious and denser option, check out our 27 Super Luxury, which boast a stitch rate of 32,000 per square metre.

You should also consider the view point from which you’ll be looking at your artificial grass. Make sure the grass pile is facing towards your home or main viewpoint as it will ensure a full and natural look. If the pile is facing away from your home, it will appear shiny.

27 Super Luxury
27 Super Luxury


Just like pile height, colour choice is dependant on your personal taste. There’s no right or wrong choice. There are a wide range of colour combinations and it is recommended to select a product with multiple shades of green and a brown “thatch” or “rootzone”, to give it extra support and replicate the look of artificial grass. Products which are too perfectly green will not look as realistic.

At Luxigraze, we offer free samples, so feel free to take advantage of this before making any purchase decision. It’s hard to rely on internet pictures to get an accurate indication of the colour and feel of your chosen grass.

When choosing your grass, remember to place the samples where the turf will be laid.

This is because the different lighting conditions will make the grass look different in colour. In addition, your samples will look different inside due to the lower levels of light.


When considering artificial grass, the final thing to remember is that the installer will play a vital role in a long-lasting artificial lawn.

You can have the best artificial grass, but without correct installation, the grass won’t look its best and won’t perform at its best.

If you are looking for a professional installer get in touch today, and we can advise who in your area is familiar with installing Luxigraze. Alternatively, if you are looking to undertake the installation yourself, you can read our handy Understanding & Installing Luxigraze Guide.


Choosing an artificial lawn doesn’t need to be difficult, but as this guide says, it’s essential to look at more than the aesthetics of fake grass.

You’ll need to think about the levels of usage and then consider things such as the type of plastic, pile height and pile density to ensure that a high performing grass lasts a long time.

We hope this guide has been helpful when selecting your grass type. We recommend that your next step be to request free samples of our artificial grass to compare the available products.

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